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Your Essential Guide to Interior Design Trends for Autumn 2020: Tudor

If you are a fan of the elaborate and history, then late 2020 will be a good interior design trend moment for you. Get set for a colourful and ornate Autumn in 2020 as the influence of Tudor decoration and colour will firmly establish itself in our interior design vision.

Expect ornate embroidery and a renaissance in luxury fabrics, adorned with swirling florals and leaf and flower patterns in woven and printed cloth.

Harking back to the intricately linked florals of the Tudor times and elaborate motifs that adorned interior furnishings and items of head and costume, it is the antithesis to the simplicity of 2019 interior design trends.

An example of gold beads for 2020's interior design embroidery trend.
Gold will be a main metal for use in 2020 interior design embroidery, following the domination of copper and silver in recent years

Being transferred to a contemporary embroidery design within our new collection will be couching, split stitches, linen and silk thread work and metal thread work worked onto linens and luxury velvets ideal for accent cushions and statement interior pieces such as wall hangings and headboards for luxury residences and hotels.

We will particularly focus on the use of gold, a main metal for use in 2020 following the domination of copper and silver in recent years. The vast palette that gold offers stretches from the antique referencing in Europe used heavily in secular embroidery to the ornate richness of Arabian gold.

The Tudor era, generally regarded between 1485 and 1603 was in itself a colourful array of characters, kings, queens and political ambition.

Paintings of the time represent lavish, ornate dress in silks, furs and velvet with adornment of pearls and golds. French, Italian and Spanish courtiers all brought their own influence of dress to a melting pot of rivalry. Hans Holbein paintings are some of the best indications of courtly life at the time.

Showing at Hampton Court Palace from 12 October 2019 through to next Spring is an opportunity to see

The Lost Dress of Elizabeth 1.’ It is a unique chance to admire very rare pieces of embroidered textiles and examples of the Tudor workmanship exquisitely produced at the time.

Here are a couple of embroidered pieces with a Tudor influence we are working on with our interior design clients for projects with high-end hotel groups and luxurious private residences:

Please do get in touch if you would like to find out about our exquisite interior embroideries.

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