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Emerging Interior Colour Trends for 2020: Neo Mint and Gold

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

As part of my role at Mollie Regan Textiles, I keep a close eye on upcoming interior trends so that I can suggest colourways that will integrate within my interior design clients’ projects. ‘Neo mint’ and ‘gold’ will be the main colours coming through for 2020. We will be incorporating these two colours through stitch and beading onto materials such as leather for hand embroidered decorative wall panels, soft furnishings, headboards, cushions and accessories.

Neo Mint

#Neomint is an oxygenating fresh shade that links science and technology with nature. A relaxing yet crisp shade, it has a futuristic tech feel that also connects with plant life and nature. Neo mint works especially well in spaces with warm brown wood and natural interiors.


#Gold in all its variations will be revived for summer 2020. A calm, sunny hue, it is a very versatile colour and works well in both sunlit and shady conditions, appealing to interiors around the world. Gold can be used in varying quantities in interior design projects, whether that is on a wall panel or simply as an accent colour to soft furnishing or furniture. Gold also works well in spaces with warm brown wood and natural interiors. Like what you’ve read? Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about our updates, or follow us on Instagram.

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